A WOMAN has attempted to steal from a convent in the Palencia area, by breaking in through the turnstile when the nuns were going to prayer, but failed to take into account the quick reaction of one of the eldery sisters.

The elderly nun spotted the intruder and not only confronted the younger woman but was able to lock her up in one of the convent rooms, alert the police and then kept a beady-eyed watch on the crook until the officers arrived.

According to information provided by the Policia Nacional, the event occurred during the afternoon of this Monday, October 17, in the convent of Santa Clara in the capital of Palencia.

The alleged thief was arrested and taken to the police cells of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Palencia, where she will remain until she is brought before the courts.

Meanwhile, the brave nun had to receive assistance from the medical services after her heroic and quick-thinking actions left her a bit shaky once the adrenaline wore off.


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