AN off-duty firefighter and his dog out for a walk on Saturday in the Rabasa Lagoons area of Alicante found a man who was missing for over a day.

Family members reported the man’s disappearance on Friday morning and the following day they decided to comb round the lagoon area where they believed he had gone.

They bumped into an off-duty member of Alicante’s fire service, Rafa Arnau, who was with his dog Nala- a member of the fire department’s Canine Unit.

Rafa And Nala In A Previous Operation
RAFA AND NALA IN A PREVIOUS RESCUE(Alicante Ayuntamiento image)

The family showed Rafa a photo of the missing relative and knowing the area well, and he combed several routes along with Nala, who specialises in sniffing out people.

He also called in some of his colleagues to join in the search.

Two hours later, he located the man who despite suffering from dehydration and disorientation, was in relatively good health.

Rafa took him to his relatives and also phoned the Policia Nacional to tell them about the good news.


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