A family-run drug sales operation has been dismantled in Alicante Province.

Nine people have been arrested in Petrer and Villena for public health and money laundering offences.

The gang was well-structured and led by a 46-year-old woman who personally took charge of buying in drugs like cocaine, heroin, hashish and marijuana.

She also sold the narcotics out of three homes owned by her family in Petrer and Villena.

Her mother, 63, ran all the security for the criminals, while her grand-daughter, 20, also sold some of the drugs.

The gang leader’s sister and two other people were in charge of money laundering and surveillance tasks.

Three other children of the matriarch leader were used as mules to transport the drugs and also act as look-outs to tell her if police were in the vicinity of the three sales points.

A taxi driver, who ferried drugs and gang members, was also detained for being part of the plot.

All of the properties were simultaneously raided by the Guardia Civil on October 5.

The gang leader and two other people were imprisoned after an Elda court appearance.


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