ONE OF the UK’s most-wanted criminals has been arrested by Spain’s National Police in Marbella. Dean Garforth, aged 30, was arrested in the Malagan city on Monday. 

According to the UK’s National Crime Agency, Garforth is alleged to be part of an organised crime group that supplies large quantities of cocaine and cannabis and is also involved in the sale of firearms and ammunition. 

There was an international arrest warrant out against the suspect, who was born in Liverpool. 

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Dean Garforth.

According to a statement from the National Police, Garforth was living in a development in Marbella and was trying to pass unnoticed among other UK nationals. 

He was detained by the authorities while riding an electric bicycle and was wearing a cap and dark glasses. 

When the police identified him, he is reported to have rammed an officer with his bike, injuring two policemen in the process. 

He was arrested not just for the warrant out against him, but also for resisting arrest and disobedience.

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