A 14-year-old girl from Marbella has starred in Antonio Banderas’ latest movie, The Enforcer.

The internationally renowned moviestar in the Richard Hughes film played Cuda, a hitman who went on a dramatic journey to save a young girl he befriended from his femme fatale boss (Kate Bosworth), who was involved in a cybersex trafficking ring. 

Vivian Milkova, a student at the Marbella Film School, played Lola, Cuda’s 15-year-old daughter. 

The Enforcer
The Enforcer was shot in Greece in 2021 and was released in September this year. 

The teenage actress said it was an experience she would never forget. 

“Banderas is genuinely a very nice person and I couldn’t be happier to be in the same movie with an actor of such a rank for the first time,” she said. 

“I’m very thankful to the film director Richard Hughes for choosing me to be a part of this huge project.”

Vivian And Banderas
Vivian Milkova and moviestar Antonio Banderas together on set.

Vivian was casted based on a previous showreel monologue that was filmed at the Marbella Film School, in which she played a character similar to what the director was looking for. 

The Enforcer was shot in Greece in 2021 and was released in September this year. 

Vivian paid special credit to her teacher Nicola Moerland for her early industry success.

“Everything I know about the industry and what it is to act in front of a camera is thanks to my teacher Nicole Moerland,” she said. 

“Whether it is about my self-confidence, techniques required to portray any character or the challenges we as actors might face.”

Trailer Of Lola (vivian)
Vivian Milkova played Lola, the daughter of Antonio Banderas (Cuda).

Vivian was ambitious about the future and looked forward to many more castings and projects ahead. 

“I invest a lot in activities such as horse riding and surfing in order to gain knowledge and make my portfolio more attractive,” she said. 

“This is my passion and I want to go really far with it, meet new people, get to know many other actors, and have fun along the way.”


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