THE stepson of the Marbella mayor, already in facing jail over drug trafficking and money laundering charges, faces further accusations of attempting to profit from insider information over a land sale, according to a report from the Spanish anti-corruption task force.

Joakim Broberg was caught on a wiretap in 2019 boasting that he knew the PGUO (General Urban Planning Plan), yet to be formally approved, would permit the development of land in Marbella.

He was overheard telling a businessman that a problem obstructing a deal to buy the land would go away.

jBroberg small
Joakim Broberg (undated photo) is currently in jail in Belgium on charges of drug trafficking and money laundering

“Things go quickly because there are two from the PP,” he says, hinting that the City Council and the Board, both in the hands of the PP, would approve the PGUO.

The report states: “It is clear that Joakim had privileged information regarding the new PGUO, which would apparently put an end to the problem that the land had. 

“Through his real estate agency at the Plaza Shopping Centre, Broberg stood to benefit from that sale.”

In the event, Broberg’s machinations failed to come to fruition, as the PGUO has still not been approved today.

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