A 51-year-old Betera man has been arrested after neighbours claimed he systematically abused his 80-year-old father.

They said the elderly resident suffered harassment, beatings, and verbal abuse for years, but he never reported the incidents due to fear and a lack of evidence.

One of the neighbours though managed to record an assault on a mobile phone where the son slapped his father several times who was lying helpless and half-naked on the floor.

The Guardia Civil received the video and contacted Betera social services, who went to his home with a medical team from the local health centre.

They discovered his home lacked a separate bathroom and kitchen and was full of animal and human excrement.

The elderly resident suffered from all kinds of medical conditions including osteoarthritis, anxiety, and significant cognitive impairment as well as incontinence.

He was immediately taken to a residential centre as it was clear that he was not being properly cared for by his son, who was subsequently arrested for mistreatment.

It was revealed that on the same day he was detained, the son went to the Betera medical centre to ask whether his father could be hospitalised and whether he could continue to receive his pension.


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