TWO vintage clocks valued at €5,000 have been recovered in Benidorm after a repairer refused to return them to their owner.

A man has been arrested by the Policia Nacional and charged with misappropriation.

The repair man worked in the antiques trade and was said to be fully aware of the value of the clocks.

One of the time pieces dated back to 1823 and was worth €4,000 with the other around a hundred years old.

The owner had previously taken them to a specialist Benidorm store to be repaired, but they stopped working.

Last August, the custodian of the clocks agreed a private deal of €800 with the repairman to get them ticking again.

A few months passed by without the owner not hearing anything and he phoned the craftsman who told him he need an extra €100.

After that, his phone calls and other communication channels were blocked, and six months on from handing over the clocks, he filed a complaint with the police.

Officers quickly located the pieces held by the specialist to prevent him selling them on the black market, and returned the clocks to their rightful owner.

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