A new luxury restaurant backed by sports stars Rafa Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo will be opening its doors in Valencia this summer.

The Tatel restaurant chain is owned by the investment company Mabel Capital in which Nadal and Ronaldo are two of the partners in its hospitality division.

It currently has outlets in upmarket areas of Abu Dhabi, Ibiza, Madrid, Mexico City, Doha, Bahrain, Riyadh and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.

The group features in ‘best restaurants in the world’ categories on Trip Advisor and the newspaper, USA Today.

Tatel Inside

The new Valencia restaurant will be located in the former Banco de Valencia building on Calle Pascual i Genis.

The Tatel philosophy is to offer a culinary experience and exceptional service, in ‘unique locations’, accompanied by live music every day.

It regards itself as a benchmark and pioneer in the fusion of haute cuisine and leisure at a national and international level.

The gastronomic offerings are based on traditional products and recipes, mixed in with innovative touches.

The restaurant design, as in its other international outlets, is based on the ‘speakeasys’ of the 1920s in America during the era of prohibition and will cover around 600 m2.

There will also be a cocktail bar featuring a range of exclusive creations for all tastes.


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