THE forest fire in Castellon province has reached its sixth day and destroyed around 4,300 hectares of the Alto Mijares, affecting a 50 kilometre perimeter.

Lighter winds forecast for Tuesday have brought hope that the blaze, which started last Thursday in Villanueva de Viver, could be minimised.

Two sectors were of concern during the night: the area between Montan and Montanejos and the fire moving towards Fuente la Reina, which is a tricky area for firefighters to access.

In the Montan-Montanejos area there are 300 people deployed in fighting the blaze.

Emergencies director, Jose Maria Angel, said: “The Sierra de Espadan natural park has not yet been affected and we are making all efforts to ensure that doesn’t happen.”

Fire crews managed to stop the flames advancing towards the town of Fuente la Reina, with the help of thermal drones to detect the hottest spots.

Maria Angel said that the area with the least danger at the moment is Puebla de Arenoso-Villanueva de Viver, where the fire started last Thursday.

The number of people evacuated totals 1,600 and so far the fire has not affected any protected area.

The municipalities evicted as a result of the fire are Fuente de la Reina, Puebla de Arenoso, La Monzona, Montanejos, Montan and Arañuel, Higueras, Pavías and Torralba.

Evicted districts are Los Calpes, Los Cantos, La Monzona, La Alquería de Montanejos and La Artejuela and Villanueva de Viver.

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