TAXI have raised a whopping £10,000 for seven Gibraltar charities during a charity concert at the Sunborn Hotel.

The local music band, which is this year releasing a record under old name Melon Diesel, decided they would give something back to the community during their first shows on the Rock for years.

They performed with Jetstream and DJ Wayne Borastero during four shows and on the last night decided to waive their fees and give it all to charity.

Taxi and Melon Diesel had real chart success in Spain at the end of the 1990s and beginning of the noughties.

The four shows at the Aurora Ballroom gave local ageing fans the chance to see their local heroes in action once again.

Band frontman Dylan Ferro thanked local fans for attending the concert and promised to do more local events in the future.

“We wish everyone a very bright future with a lot of health,” Ferro said in his own Llanito language on his social media page.

“We will stay here giving all we can for you all and hopefully we will make some very nice songs you will be able to listen to very soon.”

The main charities to benefit from the show were Childline, Kidney Care, Calpe House, Research into Childhood Cancer, Gibraltar Community Association, GBC Open Day and Cancer Research.

The organisers wanted to thank the audience that supported the shows in their hundreds.

They also thanked the Peter Isola Foundation who bought 100 tickets on the charity night.


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