AN armed intruder who scaled apartment buildings and terrified occupants by dressing as a Spiderman villain has been brought back to earth by police.

The barmy burglar would climb buildings and enter apartments through windows and then threaten the occupants with a knife – all the while wearing a horrifying, sharp-fanged Venom mask.

The villainous impersonator even tied up and gagged a traumatised old woman in her eighties before ransacking her house.

Venom mask burglar spiderman
TERRIFYING: This was the visage people relaxing at home were suddenly confronted with when the intruder entered their home wielding a knife

Police from the Robbery Unit initiated operation ‘Spider’ after receiving reports of four burglaries in the La Palmilla district of Malaga in just two days.

After an operation that involved the help of forensics experts, a 39-year-old man with a history of similar offences was finally tracked down and arrested.

Among the seized items were the supervillain mask, other clothing used during the robberies, a bladed weapon, several mobile phones, a television, and some jewellery.


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