THE long-awaited and much-needed rain may arrive in some parts of Andalucia this week.

According to the National Met Office, AEMET, rain laden clouds will arrive in the region as of tomorrow, Wednesday May 17.

As of tomorrow, there will be a 50% probability of precipitation in the province of Huelva; 30% in the province of Sevilla; 65% in Cadiz, 50% in Malaga, 70% in parts of the province of Granada; and 40% in parts of the province of Almeria.

The possibility of rainfall reaches 100% in Granada this coming Thursday and remains at 60% in other parts of Andalucia such as Sevilla and Cordoba.

It is expected that tomorrow, Wednesday, the day will start ‘cloudy or overcast’, with scattered showers more likely and intense during the afternoon and in the southwest half of the community where there may even be the chance of thunderstorms.

Minimum temperatures will remain unchanged, with a slight drop in maximum temperatures.

For Thursday cloudy skies with occasional showers are expected, more likely and intense during the afternoon and in the southern half of the region, where they may occasionally be accompanied by thunderstorms and hail.

Minimum temperatures will fall; maximum temperatures will remain unchanged.

With a margin of uncertainty, Friday will see a general drop in temperatures across the region and occasional and unevenly distributed showers which will be more intense with a chance of thunderstorms in eastern Andalucia.

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