SEVEN cannabis clubs have been closed down in Torrevieja and 19 people aged between 25 and 69 arrested in a major operation by the Guardia Civil.

Three homes and seven premises were raided with British and Irish citizens detained as well as nationals from Spain, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Lithuania and Chile.

Seizures included 9.3 kilos of marijuana, 1.2 kilos of hashish, 30 grams of cocaine, 32 litres of liquid cannabis, 42 marijuana plants, 60 cannisters with liquid cannabis, various prohibited weapons and over €10,000 in cash.

Some Of The Seized Items
SEIZURE SELECTION(Guardia Civil image)

Guardia officers also uncovered a clandestine hashish factory where cannabis-derived products were made including chocolates, biscuits, resins, oils, and drinks.

Cannabis clubs are legal in Spain so long as people are members and consume their own marijuana at registered premises.

Drug sales are strictly prohibited and the Guardia swung into action after increased cases of narcotic possession and trafficking all in the vicinity of seven cannabis club premises.

Some of the customers were discovered to be children and foreign tourists.

An investigation of the clubs revealed that they were all ‘fronts’ for drug trafficking with several club officials having criminal convictions for drug sales.

Four of the clubs were not even registered as legally required in the National Registry of Associations, and all of them have been shut down by court order for five years.


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