A 19-year-old cybercriminal who calls himself Alcasec has been bailed by the National Court following his arrest on March 31.

Jose Luis Huertas Rubio was detained in Madrid after breaching the server of the General Council of the Judiciary(CGPJ) last November.

That gave him access to all the records of judicial proceedings at all levels in Spain, including previous cases involving himself.

National Court judge Jose Luis Calama agreed on Tuesday to release the teenager who also stole and sold income tax details of nearly 600,000 people via the ‘dark web’.

He has been ordered to report to a court fortnightly and has had his passport withdrawn.

Prosecutors did not object to bail, taking account of his age and that he had fully cooperated with authorities which included supplying codes to his devices and refunding any money made from selling illegally-obtained information.

He earned over €500,000 in cryptocurrencies from selling tax details and he had another cryptocurrency fund totalling around €10,000.

Alcasec has already served time in a juvenile centre for hacking offences when he was 16, and faces charges in Granada for breaking into the city council computer network and stealing from employee payroll accounts.


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