A MAN who contacted a woman via a dating app has been arrested by the Guardia Civil for sexually assaulting her in a car parked next to Porreres cemetery.

The two Columbian nationals agreed to meet up last Sunday and the man picked her up from her Porreres home and took her to a restaurant in the El Toro area of Calvia.

Afterwards they had a couple of shots of brandy in his car and drove to the cemetery.

The victim told the Guardia that she could not remember what happened after taking the shots.

She phoned a friend to say that she needed help and was in a vehicle by the cemetery.

He drove to the area and discovered her lying in the passenger seat with her jeans unbuttoned while her alleged aggressor was naked.

The friend asked the man what had happened and he said ‘he had done nothing’ and that it was all a mistake.

Witnesses said the woman looked disorientated and there were three empty spirit bottles in the car.

She was taken to hospital and told her friends that the man had opened a bottle of brandy with the liquid not appearing to be ‘normal’ as it had a foam-like appearance.

The Guardia detained the man on Tuesday and he was bailed after appearing before a Manacor judge.

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