FAST food kings McDonald’s have launched an advertising campaign to illustrate just how long it takes to get your order so quickly. 

For – to the shock of the customers in the advert entitled ‘An Order Worth Waiting For’ – it in fact takes six months.

In the ad, customers place their orders for burgers and fries, only to be informed that they will have to wait a little longer to get their food.

The order is then sent to farmers and cultivators getting up at the crack of dawn to prepare the locally sourced ingredients that go into a Big Mac.

The American chain is keen to impress upon Spaniards the company’s commitment to local suppliers involved in the supply chain.

But the advertising campaign also comes with an innovative gimmick: Customers ordering before June 19 will be able to opt for a special order that does not arrive for six months.

This is intended to mirror the time and effort spent by farmers and livestock breeders in producing the ingredients.

And if customers appreciate how hard their suppliers work, they will in turn appreciate McDonald’s – the marketing bods hope.


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