BENIDORM’S Mundomar wildlife park has a new resident- a baby flamingo born on June 8.

It’s the second flamingo birth at the park since it opened in 1996 with the other ‘baby’ making its appearance in 2021.

The egg was spotted on May 11 which the parents then looked after carefully.

Mundomar said that the mother and father at no point neglected the incubation of the egg or caring for their new child when it arrived- with staff on hand to make sure everything went well.

Flamingo 1

The new male flamingo is in perfect health and is said to be thoroughly enjoying the company of everybody else.

It’s already been swimming with its parents after getting used to its new environment.

Flamingo 2
NEW FRIENDS GALORE(Mundomar image)

Pink colours are associated with flamingos but that’s far from the case in their early stage of life, as the colour is obtained over time from the food they eat which contain crustacean residues.

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