A 78-year-old Torrevieja woman has been rescued by the Guardia Civil after she fell out of bed and spent three days lying on the floor.

She suffered minor injuries but due to the length of her ordeal, she was dehydrated when officers got to her.

The Guardia were alerted by the woman’s daughter in the Basque Country who told them she was concerned about her welfare because she had not been able to make any contact for three days.

Multiple phone calls were made by the officers who then rang the house doorbell without response.

Nobody had a spare key but her daughter was convinced that she was in the property as she was dependent on an oxygen machine, and therefore would not have left without warning.

Officers peaked through a window with bars and spotted the oxygen unit, and used tools to break down the window and enter the home.

They found the woman unconscious and dehydrated on the floor between the bed and a closet.

Officers managed to resuscitate her and she was taken to Torrevieja Hospital.

A few days later, the woman’s daughter visited the Guardia’s Torrevieja barracks to thank them for their help and to say that her mother had a made a full recovery.


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