A POLICE takedown of a family gang that dealed in cocaine, hashish, and marijuana turned into a violent affair in the Fuensanta district of Valencia on Tuesday.

Around 50 officers raided two flats on Calle Lucrecia Bori and were attacked by several dogs belonging to the traffickers.

Three officers were bitten and needed medical attention in hospital.

An officer killed one of the dogs and two others were restrained by the Valencia Policia Local.

Reinforcements were called in and a human chain was formed to stop friends and relatives of the family from approaching the block where the searches were taking place.

Four people were arrested including a man who violently resisted and was injured in a struggle with two policemen.

After being subdued and shackled, he was taken to the Doctor Peset Hospital for treatment to a face wound.

All of the detainees have been charged with crimes against public health and for illegally tapping into the electricity supply.

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