A SUCESSFUL test flight of a seaplane owned by Isla Air Express has given the company hope that it is one step closer to launching a service of direct inter-island flights.

The 9H Palma Twin Otter seaplane carried out tests on June 19 on the hydrosurface of the Berre Lagoon in France, close to Marseille airport.

The aircraft has undergone a comprehensive maintenance programme in recent months at Marseille and the test flight was carried out in close coordination with airport authorities.

The Twin Otter has a capacity for 15 passengers and two crew, and operates in the United States, Canada, and the Maldives.

Isa Air Express wants permission to fly the seaplane between Mallorca and Ibiza as well as a route between Barcelona and Mallorca.

The firm says it is ‘very optimistic’ about staging some demonstration flights in the Balearic Islands in coordination with the Port Authority and the various air traffic control centres.

In May, Madrid company NextNorth unveiled plans for an air taxi service linking the Balearic Islands stating that journeys between Mallorca and Ibiza would take just four minutes.

But like in the case of Isla Air Express, approval would have to be granted by the European Agency for Aviation Safety.


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