AN 86-YEAR-OLD woman was rescued by police at her Rojales home after she suffered a fall and was left on the floor for two days.

Rojales Policia Local received a phone call from the woman’s son in Belgium saying she had not answered his calls and texts.

Police went to her house and were able to access the grounds thanks to the help of gardeners who worked for her.

There were no keys to get indoors but officers peered through the windows and saw her lying on the floor but with signs that she was alive.

Officers got in through a kitchen window and requested medical support with paramedics stabilising her condition before she was taken to Torrevieja Hospital.

Rojales police and citizen security councillor, Antonio Javier Lopez García, said: “Our officers showed a great capacity to respond, acting quickly and efficiently, to prevent a fatal outcome.”

“We hope our dear resident makes a speedy recovery,” he added.

Last month, police in Torrevieja rescued a woman, 78, who fell out of bed and spent three days lying on the floor.


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