AN ELDERLY woman has got a €450,000 pay-out after a shoulder operation went wrong at Torrevieja Hospital resulting in the amputation of her left arm.

An ‘out of court’ settlement was reached following the blundered procedure in January 2021.


The patient- aged 65 at the time- went to hospital on January 21, 2021 after suffering a shoulder fracture and she had an operation five days later to rectify the issue.

During the procedure, an artery started bleeding but surgeons determined that the bleed was compatible with a vein and decided to plug the area where the blood was coming from.

After the procedure, the woman suffered arterial ischemia evolving into a dangerous thrombosis which the Patients Advocate group said ‘wasn’t treated until 48 hours later resulting in the inevitable amputation of the left limb’.

The patient filed a damages claim against the Valencian Health Department and two reports from the Health Services inspectorate and a digestive system specialist concluded that there was malpractice that caused the whole of her left arm to be removed.

The Advocate group and their lawyer said the €450,000 settlement was approved following talks with Ribera Salud- who managed Torrevieja Hospital at the time- and with their insurance company. Berkshire Hathaway European Insurance who will make the payment.


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