A WOMAN stole a gold chain from a British tourist in Benidorm but was arrested days later after posting social media images of her wearing it.

The Brit was waiting for an early morning taxi when he was approached by the Bulgarian woman.

She asked him to leave with her and began hugging him and touching him all over his body in a friendly way.

The tourist rebuffed her and took the cab on his own to his hotel but when he arrived, he realised he was the victim of a ‘love-hug’ robbery.

The friendly female had helped herself to his €6,000 gold chain as well as €700 in cash kept in a shoulder bag.

The man decided to do his own detective work and returned to the scene of the crime the next day.

A different woman told him that she knew the thief and had seen her wearing a chain in photos she had posted on social media.

Armed with this information, the tourist went to the Policia Nacional who identified the thief as a 39-year-old Bulgarian national that had been previously arrested for similar crimes.

She was detained again but there was no sign of the expensive gold chain.


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