Saturday, January 28, 2023

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Bad Education?

The new subject Education for Citizenship and Human Rights is heralded as moral guidance to combat social divisions - a mainstay of democracy in...

The state of Spain’s coast – Destruction at all costs?

In its annual report into the state of Spain’s coast, Greenpeace highlights the growing problems of construction, corruption and climate change on the...

Spain plants trees to meet Kyoto targets

THREE regional governments in Spain plan to plant millions of trees to help offset the impact of the country’s spiralling greenhouse gas emissions, environment...

Spain benefits most – and least – from EU wine reforms

Spain's wine producers could be forced to grub up 6 per cent of their vines under a European Commission scheme

Debate highlights divided Spain

Government promises no future dialogue with Eta SPAIN is in a better position today than it was before the PSOE party gained power in 2004. That...

European Parliament slams “urban abuse” in Spain

MEPs want change in Spain’s Constitution to protect individual property rights LOCAL authorities in Spain adopt a “Wild West” attitude towards construction while giving excess...

Biofuels compulsory in 2009

A NEW law has made the use of biofuels obligatory by 2009. The government ruling has made the minimum use of 3.4 per cent biofuel...

Thousands of Prestige oil spill volunteers suffer health problems

Doctors question adequacy of protective masks CHRONIC coughing, difficulties in breathing at night and nasal obstruction are just some of the health problems suffered by...

The Far-Right in Sheep’s Clothing

Zero tolerance for immigrants - but only of certain races: Lisa Tilley gains an insight into the far-right anti-immigration parties who won more seats...

Immigrant dies during deportation

POLICE are investigating the death of a Nigerian immigrant during a deportation flight to his country. Osamyia Aikpitanhi died on June 9 during an Iberia...

Endangered wildlife stops motorway plans

Government saves lynx, black stork and Iberian wolf colonies THE Government has ditched plans to build a 300-kilometre motorway between Andalucía and central Spain over...

Madrid moves to protect Spain from urban development

The Government has introduced a law to stop local town halls reclassifying protected land and concreting over more of Spain’s dwindling coastline. The Natural Heritage...

Cameras for Barcelona police stations

Catalan government moves to eradicate police abuse THE regional government of Catalunya has announced plans to install video cameras in all Barcelona police stations. The move...

Spain faces nuclear disaster

Warnings of radiation leak “1,000 times” worse than Chernobyl DETERIORATING key components at Spain’s nuclear stations could lead to a disaster worse than Chernobyl, according...

Spain mayor receives death threats after local election win

THE mayor-elect of a Spanish town has received death threats after winning May 27’s local elections. Dolores Padrón gained control of the Puerto de la...

Dying to Migrate

As unprecedented numbers of sub-Saharan Africans arrive on the Granada coast, Lisa Tilley looks at Spain’s waterborne immigration trends and considers the future for...

The men bound by dust and ashes with García Lorca

A new book reopens the debate over whether the bodies of those killed and dumped in mass graves over Spain should be exhumed Lisa...

Spain loses more virgin coastline as councils declassify protected land

THE largest purpose built tourist resort in Europe is to be constructed on unspoilt coastline in Murcia, Spain. Politicians from the region’s ruling Partido Popular...

Gender bill passed by Parliament

A LAW aiming to bridge the gender gap between men and women in the boardroom has been passed by parliament. Politicians voted 192-0 in favour of...

Spanish Post Office launches tracking system

“Lost in the post” excuse set to come to an end with revolutionary system

EU fury at Spain as Constitutional Court rules teachers can be sacked for “living in sin”

Teachers are sacked for joining trade unions, going out for drinks with friends and for “living in sin.”

Hottest year on record as Spain swelters

Average temperatures in 2006 higher than norm; 2007 set to be even warmer

Eta bomb in Madrid blasts the peace process

By Lisa Tilley AT one minute after 9am on Saturday December 30, a 200 kilo bomb razed a five story car-park to the ground at...

Reservoir levels highest for ten years

Wettest autumn this century refills empty water supplies

A glass to your health?

A tipple of Spanish wine may not be so beneficial for our health according to UK scientists

“Prostitute killer” held in Germany

Police across Europe are searching through files of unsolved murders after a lorry driver in Germany was arrested in connection with a six-year killing spree across the continent





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