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Statistics and lies in Spain

David Rick of Torcal Estates has seen a 100 per cent increase in offers this year, with an average sale price of 1,228 euros per metre square

‘La Clegg’ breezes into windy Spain role

Spanish wife of UK Deputy PM Nick Clegg has swept up a new job

Spain house sales on the up

Country registers a 1.5 per cent rise in sales compared to same time last year

Bring an end to Spain’s black economy

It’s no secret that many people are ‘working in the black’ around Andalucia. Now the authorities need to get tough and set an example if the labour market is to be finally regulated, writes Andrew Pearce

Civil servants on strike

Public sector workers in protest against PM Zapatero's austerity measures

Zapatero’s cuts passed in knife-edge vote

Spain's drastic budget cuts get go ahead in the closest of decisions

Problems engulf Spain property company

Another branch of English football chairman's business to be wound up

Spain (almost) tops happiness charts

Study reveals that Spain is the second happiest country in Europe, behind Romania

Zapatero announces deep spending cuts for Spain

Job losses and wage cuts proposed as Spain bids to reduce its debt crisis

Gibraltar set to reveal all

The Rock’s days as a tax haven may soon be over after it began fiscal talks with Spain

Spain crawls out of recession

After two years of decline, Spain's economy has expanded

One in five now jobless in Spain

Figures confirm that unemployment in Spain has reached highest level for over a decade

Billion-euro babe

Zara heiress started life stocking shelves in her father's store

Meltdown confirmed

Prices slump across Spain as US economist Greenspan claims Spanish economy in danger. Meanwhile banks stop lending on country properties and golf course schemes! By Jon...

Brits warned after Olive Press story

BRITISH taxpayers living in Spain have been warned to watch their backs, after the Olive Press exclusively reported that a fatcat businessman Mark Langford...

Spanish Law – Setting up an SL company

One of the benefits of an SL company is that only the assets of the company are liable. It is not possible to execute...

Spain economy at five year high

SPAIN’S economy is at its highest annual rate in five years thanks to the country’s booming construction industry, according to government figures. Economic growth grew...

Immigrants keep Spain working says government report

Spanish prime minister's economic adviser has published a report which attributes 50 per cent of Spain's economic growth during the last five years to immigrants in the country




Far-right Vox party posters in Madrid area of Spain cause uproar over misleading child migrant claims

LEADING Spanish politicians have filed complaints about misleading billboards from the far-right Vox party. The posters falsely claim that unaccompanied child migrants are getting over...