Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Nearly 140 properties sold in just one week on the Costa del Sol

The Banco Sabadell, offering major discounts of nearly 80 per cent, sold the properties in Manilva

Financial advisor for major European bank fired for ‘severe violations’

David Driver was dismissed by the Scandinavian lender Sydbank on allegations that he was targeting their customers

Has the world gone mad?

Finance guru Richard Alexander offers sound planning advice in times of banking turmoil

British expat in Nerja has bank account frozen for two months without warning

The expat, Glenn Cruickshank, was unable to access the funds in his Unicaja account for seven weeks - and he was never told why

Sub-par approval ratings for Spanish social institutions

Spaniards confident in policemen and scientists but unsatisfied with political parties, bishops and banks

British couple in Estepona warn fellow expats of hidden bank charges

After paying an extremely high cover charge to send a cheque to England, a British couple in Estepona advise other expats to proceed with caution

British expat faced with property embargo in Spain following bank dispute

Expat is fighting an embargo by German bank Sparkasse, which claims to be owed money by the previous owner

Santander bank under fire again

The Spanish bank came third in a UK poll for worst customer service

Google Apps for BBVA

The Spanish bank is shifting from Microsoft to Google Apps

Manilva bank robber arrested

The man used a fake tattoo to confuse police

Rescue plan for British expats in Spain

The British Foreign Office considers ways of evacuating expats if they are suddenly denied access to their funds

Moving the Spanish goalposts

Expat furious with Santander bank after being told to buy 500 more shares to get free banking

Spanish bank hounds pensioner for 3p to close account

Ana Patricia Botin, the new boss of the bank - voted the worst in Britain - last month vowed to get to the ‘root causes’ of the bank’s woeful record

Expat protest against Spanish bank

Expats protest over La Caixa savings account which can’t be touched for at least nine years

Further fight for homeowners in Spain

Judges and consumer groups unite to fight 150 year old mortgage law

Jail for Santander bank boss

CEO of Spanish bank Santander has been given a jail sentence

Granada cash machine won’t cough up

Couple call in Olive Press after bank fails to return 250 euros in six months

Brit gets climate change award from Spanish bank

Nicholas Stern has been awarded a top environment accolade by Spanish Bank BBVA

Gunman kills four in Girona

Four people left dead after shooting rampage




Spotlight on gender wage gap in Spain as men earn 21% more than women

Men on average earn 21% more than women in Spain, according to new figures.  Spain’s National Statistics Institute (INE) conducted a survey where it also...


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