Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Spain in the mire over sewage

Seven municipalities in Malaga have been denounced by the EU for sewage problems

EU economy is finally on the up

Strongest growth figures posted for four years thanks to a booming Germany

EU grant fraud

6,000 companies accused of taking 23m euros to create jobs and then laying off staff

Fish bound for Spain seized

Authorities are investigating after impounding suspected 'pirate fishing' cargo

Free healthcare in Spain by 2013

But implementation of the EU directive could still be held up by individual states

Gibraltar driven out of the sea

EU set to investigate Gibraltar’s plans to expand into the sea

Spain freezes Gaddafi’s assets

And puts a halt to his urban development plans in Benahavis

EU probes Spanish demolition orders Spain tries to encourage British buyers back to the country

Free healthcare in Europe

Patients will be able to seek medical care throughout the continent

No bailout for Portugal, says Zapatero

But pressure mounts on Portuguese economy amid new bond issue

Spain resists bailout pressure

Spain is hoping to avoid the fate of Ireland and Greece in resorting to the EU's emergency loans package

Spain leads the world in organ transplants

With over 4,000 organ transplants conducted in 2009, Spain is the world leader in the field

Strawly not?!

Andalucia's wettest winter and new EU regulations are being blamed for this year's poor strawberry harvest

Spain in meltdown?

The European Union and Spanish government reject claims the debt-stricken economy will receive billion-euro bailout

The Rock’s risky business

By Andrew Pearce and Jon Clarke: In the wake of the BP oil disaster in America, Gibraltar is blasted for failing to tackle dangerous oil tankers by Spanish officials

Traffic pollution motors in Spain

Brussels' emissions targets set nine years ago set to be broken

Expat voting troubles

Partido Popular highlights expat difficulties in voter registration

Winter warmer for Brits in Spain

UK government is still paying winter fuel allowance to expats

Harman calls for women’s agency at EU summit

British MP in Cadiz says more work needs to be done to uphold women’s rights

Mr Bean leads the EU

Thanks to a hacker, comic character welcomes world to new Spanish presidency of the European Union

Terror alert welcomes new Spanish presidency

Fear of ETA bombing high as Spain takes over the next six months EU leadership

They’ve bottled it!

EU ‘no vote’ saves Spain from loss of 185 million in benefits, while developed countries dig their heels in over proposed greenhouse gas cuts

Spain: Must do better

Only Portugese and Hungarians worse linguists than the Spanish. UK is a classic C-student

Sun sets on Israeli scientists

Israeli scientists kicked out of solar power competition




Two sisters in Spain’s Barcelona in ‘safe houses’ after refusing arranged marriages in Bangladesh

TWO Bangladeshi-born sisters are under protection in Barcelona after complaining of being forced into arranged marriages. Catalunya's General Directorate of Attention to Children and Adolescents...


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