Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Shark ‘finning’ finally outlawed in Spain

The EU has banned fishermen from slicing off sharks’ fins and discarding their bodies live

Environment least of Europeans’ worries

The planet has come bottom in a poll determining the main things concerning people

Cataluna would become EU’s 12th richest ‘country’

Catalan president Artur Mas makes claim amid continued push for independence

Incompetent or what?

ADIOS BART! In his last column for the Olive Press, before returning to politics, Bartie discusses Spain’s current economic woes

A tight spot

Expenses policy of many town halls is a good example of why Spain is facing economic turmoil

‘We will defend the waters’, says Spanish agriculture minister

Miguel Arias Canete said the government would continue to support the rights of fishermen in La Linea and Algeciras

Do you use coffee granules to stop slugs?

Using home-made methods to control pests could be breaking the law

Spain faces bailout delay

EU forces Spanish government to wait for €30 billion cash injection

ERE fraud investigation reveals missing files

Transactions to be studied after Junta ‘loses’ 175 cases in fraud scandal

Families in Andalucia ‘living off €400 a month’

As the recession worsens, families struggle to make ends meet

Spanish Prime Minister receives support from Angela Merkel

Pressure grows on Spain to reveal details of banking reforms as bailout rumours refuse to disappear

Iran stops oil exports to Spain

The halt is a pre-emptive response to a EU embargo planned for July 1

Spain is Europe’s worst polluter, says EU study

Spain failed an embarrassing three out of four criteria tests

Chilling words

Irritating, irascible, old and after your daughters... but Maximilian Bartie is never short of a few things to say, and has done so every fortnight without fail for over four years... Bart, we salute you!!!! In his 100th column Bartie explains why Van Rompuy makes his blood run cold

Green light for giant solar project

Joint venture will create an estimated 4,000 jobs

Pilot property scheme could encourage buyers back to Spain

Ingenious cross-border purchasing scheme could bring buyers back to the market

Spain in the mire over sewage

Seven municipalities in Malaga have been denounced by the EU for sewage problems

EU economy is finally on the up

Strongest growth figures posted for four years thanks to a booming Germany

EU grant fraud

6,000 companies accused of taking 23m euros to create jobs and then laying off staff

Fish bound for Spain seized

Authorities are investigating after impounding suspected 'pirate fishing' cargo

Free healthcare in Spain by 2013

But implementation of the EU directive could still be held up by individual states

Gibraltar driven out of the sea

EU set to investigate Gibraltar’s plans to expand into the sea

Spain freezes Gaddafi’s assets

And puts a halt to his urban development plans in Benahavis

EU probes Spanish demolition orders Spain tries to encourage British buyers back to the country

Free healthcare in Europe

Patients will be able to seek medical care throughout the continent

No bailout for Portugal, says Zapatero

But pressure mounts on Portuguese economy amid new bond issue




Disgraced ex-king Juan Carlos plots return to Spain with demands for his old palace and a €200K annual salary

KING Juan Carlos is plotting a return to Spain from self-imposed exile in the Middle East and wants the taxpayer to pay for his...


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