Friday, September 30, 2022
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Explosion spews out enormous plume of black smoke near Sevilla

The flames caused by the explosion have affected a nearby ship and railway line

First fatality in Valencia fires

A pilot trying to control the fire dies as his helicopter crashes

Torreguadiaro blaze tears through 100 hectares

40 homes were evacuated and cars and property were damaged

Expat pensioner faces prison over blaze

It comes despite Endesa insisting the 81-year-old Briton was NOT to blame for fire

Arson probe in Gibraltar

EXCLUSIVE: Police investigate crime link after expat’s home is burnt down and possibly looted

Firebug fightback in Malaga

A Malaga man is finally brought to justice over a devastating fire in 2000

Nigel Mansell’s ‘lucky mascot’ killed in Granada fire

Michael Greenhalgh was struck down in blaze while flat-sitting for friend

Pujerra forest fire

Helicopters and seaplanes joined the efforts to bring it under control. Photograph by Geoff Simpson

Smoked out in Marbella

EXCLUSIVE: Family wakes up to fumes - but no alarm - in brand new Marbella hotel

Environmentalists in Gibraltar concerned over ‘disturbing’ fire at CEPSA oil refinery

Environmental Safety Group voices concerns over the blaze

Ibiza plane bursts into flames above holiday island

Jet2 Boeing is forced to make emergency landing in Mallorca

Firefighters tackle blaze in Spain

As Valderrama water hazard put to good use...

Need a new van

Expat left horrified after car set alight in Andalucia

Expat firestarter fined millions in Spain

Prison and 10million euro fine for Sierra Nevada firestarter

Body found in boot of burnt out car in Malaga

Police believe it may have been a settling of scores

Blazing saddles

Residents from San Bartolome de los Pinares celebrated the annual Luminarias religious festival by riding horses through fire

ETA calls truce

The Basque terrorists have called a permanent ceasefire

Log blog!

Time to get that log fire burning. But where to get good logs at a decent price? Paul Whitelock ponders the dilemma as his regular supplier gives up

Fire in Estepona forces 200 to leave homes

The four-hour blaze affected 20 hectares of scrub and mountain low land

Fires claim a further two lives

Arson thought to be the cause of further forest fires

Wildfire kills six

Greenpeace warns that fires are 'habitual' due to global warming as one fire in Mojacar sees 1,500 evacuated including Coronation Street's Deidre Barlow

Forest fire grips region

Flames destroy 300 hectares of Tarifa woodland





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