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PSOE airport plan grounded

Zapatero had planned to privatise Barajas and El Prat, but PP have decided against it

Review of 2011… from the mountains

Here’s Paul Whitelock’s personal review of the year – of events which have affected Spain in general and the Serranía de Ronda, where he lives, in particular

Rajoy’s deputy dubbed ‘the most powerful woman in Spain’

The youngest member of the new cabinet has a whole range of important duties

Rajoy promises deep public spending cuts as Spain’s economic outlook ‘couldn’t be darker’

In first address to new parliament PP leader reveals plans to introduce a freeze on public-sector jobs, move public holidays to Mondays, stop early retirements and cut the deficit by 16.5 billion euros

A spring clean for the housing market?

Lesley McEwan, of Cadiz Casa, explains how, while Spain’s new leader is unlikely to achieve much, new mortgage products might help... but be prepared to haggle!

Gay abandon at Conservative win in Spain

Two men were seen in a passionate embrace outside the party's headquarters in Madrid

Spain gets a new government

The conservative PP party has won a record victory in the general election dominated by the country's looming debt crisis

Who will win? Spain decides today

Spain goes to the polls today to vote in a new parliament and prime minister

Zapatero: The good, the bad and the ugly

As Zapatero makes ready to shut the doors of the Moncloa Palace behind him Wendy Williams looks at some of the highs, and the lows, of his nearly eight years in office…

Corrupt councillor standing for senate in Spain

The PP has put forward Antonio Ramirez, whose name has not been cleared

Race of the Number Twos

Spain to choose between two leaders with low ratings in next Sunday's general election

Rajoy and Rubalcaba head-to-head

The candidates for Prime Minister battled it out during live TV debates last night

Water fight in Spain

Residents in La Vinuela have been left without water for weeks

€14,000 pay cut for Antequera mayor

Manuel Baron takes 22 per cent pay cut (yes, you read it correctly)

New pact sees corrupt former mayor banished

The PP, PA and Green Party in Alcaucin have come together to block the PSOE party and cut any ties to former mayor Jose Manuel Martin Alba

PP wins in all provinces in Andalucia

Socialist party suffers a crushing defeat in regional and local elections

Mojacar election malpractice

Mojacar Positiva Se Mueve party is calling for the District Electoral Board to keep a close eye on postal votes

More fury for La Linea mayor

PP mayor Alejandro Sanchez was unhappy after Gibraltar’s chief minister Peter Caruana met two Spanish politicians

Andalucia goes conservative

Andalucia is likely to see the first change of government in 30 years

Illegal immigrant shoot out game backfires for PP Conservative Party

A controversial video game commissioned by PP in Catalonia provoked widespread outrage

Dune and dusted by Costa del Sol

Andalucia officials criticised for their rampant development of coast

Parties unite over corruption

PSOE and PP join together to fight problem

Double tragedy needs averting

The PP backs plans to save historical site that inspired Garcia Lorca's masterpiece

A new ruse over homes

After the controversial Barranco Blanco housing scheme is shelved, now Alhaurin mayor looks for new ways to concrete over his countryside

Coin toss mayor in corruption probe

The mayor who won election by the toss of a coin is facing calls for his resignation after the state opened a corruption investigation in one of Granada’s smallest villages

Police detain councillor for alleged town planning offence

Industrial park project in Alhendín under Supreme Court investigation




Mission impossible: Drone rescue operation given green light to attempt to save three dogs trapped by lava in La...

A Spanish drone operator received permission on Tuesday to attempt to rescue three emaciated dogs trapped by lava flow near a volcano on the...


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