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Poem by Virgil engraved in a Roman amphora found in Spain’s Cordoba

A POEM by Virgil has been found in an oil amphora made 1,800 years ago. The fragment of an oil amphora that barely measured 6...

New exhibition tells the lives of Roman gladiators, with help from their tombstones

SLAVES, prisoners of war, condemned criminals or even free men who voluntarily chose the job… There was no one route to becoming a gladiator...

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Michelle Obama spent a day in Ronda on her visit to Spain in 2010, and Olive...

Jon Clarke follows in the footsteps of Michelle Obama... and the Moors and the Romans through historic Ronda

Antequera: more than just the gateway to Europe’s best olive oil

A city of palaces and churches, of history and tradition, Antequera counts for 70 per cent of the key buildings and monuments of Malaga province, writes Jon Clarke

Giant penis carving dating from Roman times discovered in Cordoba excites archaeologists in Spain

A GIANT phallic carving uncovered by archaeologists at a site in Cordoba, southern Spain is believed to be one of the largest such finds...

Bathe like Caesar: Visit the stinky Roman Empire site that put Manilva on the map

ROMAN roots run deep throughout the Iberian Peninsula but this westerly corner of the Costa del Sol really tickled Roman legion fancies for the...

IN PICS: Drought reveals full extent of Roman camp as reservoir waters recede in Galicia, northwestern Spain

THE archaeological remains of a Roman camp in northwestern Spain have been revealed in their entirety as water levels at the reservoir in Galicia...

Restaurant raid in Spain’s Almeria finds Roman amphorae used as decoration

EIGHT ancient amphorae 'of incalculable historical value’ from the 1st and 2nd centuries have been seized after they were found on display in an...

How a Toledo synagogue became a symbol of anti-Semitism in Spain

To mark Castilla-La Mancha Day, the Olive Press visits a curious monument symbolic of an age-old conflict in Spain.

Roman map shows flood-hit regions of the Costa Blanca were part of the Med just 2,000 years ago

THE Vega Baja region is prone to flooding because it was once part of the Mediterranean Sea, a Roman-era map of the area shows. The...

Bartolome ‘Bermejo’ de Cardenas – Spain’s 15th century Gothic artist who almost nobody has heard of

Bermejo’s works can be seen at the National Gallery in London until September 29 or at the Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao

A ripped Roman hero and his ‘pets’ get Belinda Beckett’s roar of approval

I’m not sure what the Me Too movement would have to say about him stealing the girdle of Hippolyta

The Olive Press talks to Manilva mayor Mario Jimenez Rodriguez

What is the biggest draw to Manilva? I’m a big fan of the green spaces and the fantastic expanse of coastline, some 8 kms in...

FINDING El DORADO: Sunken Spanish treasures waiting to be found off the coast

Divers from the Guardia Civil’s underwater team also found a pottery jar from 3BC, potentially worth millions, commenting: ‘It is very likely that there are still some gems out there just waiting to be discovered.’  

Segovia’s Roman revelation

The Segovia Aqueduct - a UNESCO World Heritage site - is now believed to have been built between 112 and 116 AD
baelo claudia

When in Roma

Andalucia was as much a property hotspot 2,000 years ago as it is now, discovers Laurence Dollimore

Andalucian mayor demands funds to preserve newly-discovered Roman ruins

Porcuna, the home to the remains of the Roman city Obulco, is in a protected cultural zone

Ronda: A step back in time

Hidden in soaring mountains and straddling a mighty gorge, Ronda is the stuff of dreams (and video games) but the adventure of a lifetime, writes Tom Powell

Viva Roma!

Jack Gaioni unearths the best and brightest ‘Spanish sons’ who made it big in ancient Rome, setting the literary and intellectual agenda for many centuries to follow

Ronda’s Roman ruins’ future in jeopardy, says Spanish heritage group

Andalucia has more 'at-risk' cultural sites than any other region

Estepona castle reopen to the public

Estepona’s 16th century Castillo de San Luis is set to be opened again to the public

Seeing the light on the Costa de la Luz

Roman ruins, pristine beaches, cool kitesurfers... Tom Powell is blown away by Tarifa and Bolonia

The olive’s hidden talents

Herb specialist Sue Rodgers reveals the true value of Spain’s famous olives

Roman jug found behind Estepona high street

EXCLUSIVE: Ancient artifacts have been discovered behind the town's busy shopping street

Restoration project for Malaga’s Roman Theatre

€280,000 restoration project could lead to new ‘cultural golden mile’ for Malaga

A to F of Seville

Our new Olive Press blogger Fiona Flores Watson tries to single out the aspects which she thinks are unique to southern Spain's main metropolis





Die reichsten Menschen in Spanien sind laut der neuesten Forbes-Liste im vergangenen Jahr trotz Ukraine-Krieg und Inflation um 37 % reicher geworden. Der Gründer des...


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