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Meet Prior Park Gibraltar’s headmaster in Sotogrande next week

A Sotogrande hotel is hosting an information evening for interested parents to get to know the headmaster of Gibraltar's independent school opening in 2016

Meet the headmaster of Gibraltar’s new independent school next week

The Rock Hotel is hosting an information evening to introduce the headmaster of Gibraltar's independent school opening September 2016

Normal parents? King Felipe and Queen Letizia drive kids to school for first day back

King Felipe and Queen Letizia eschewed the chauffeur to drive their daughters to school

Spanish mermaid academy makes a splash!

Spanish academy lures hundreds of would-be mermaids from all over the world

Gibraltar’s Chief Minister welcomes students at two brand new schools

Fabian Picardo and Minister for Education Gilbert Licudi welcomed the pupils

New private school to open in Gibraltar

A brand new independent senior school in Gibraltar is set to open in September 2016

History of China to be taught in Spanish schools

The programme aims to raise cultural awareness of China in a number of countries in which there are strong trade relations

What a mission! My six weeks at a language school in Sevilla

My Mission Espanol has come to an end, but I couldn't have chosen a better to way to spend my last six weeks in Spain

More than 100,000 parents back petition to standardise homework levels across Spain

A Madrid mother launched the petition after her son showed signs of stress from working three hours each evening

Spanish teaching methods ‘outdated’ and ‘ineffective’, say experts

Experts say the Spanish education system is behind the times in in desperate need of reinvention

Spain has highest school dropout rates in EU for fourth year running

Spain’s dropout rate continues to top the EU, but students seeing education through are more numerous than in recent years ... with a considerable gender disparity

UPDATE: Barcelona student who killed teacher had 25 person ‘kill list’ and bragged about killing teachers week before

Several other people inside the school are also receiving medical treatment after being injured in the attack

You’ve come a long way, Baby

Giles Brown takes a look back on 30 years on the Costa del Sol

Flamenco and the Alhambra as home-time is looming

Desperately trying to fit everything into the last few days!

British Eggcursions

THIS week I started back at school after the Easter break, and normality, for now, has returned. I wanted to stay in Granada over Easter...

‘Giving light’ and tile-painting in Triana

Getting crafty in across the bridge...

Taking my mind off the end of Semana Santa

The processions may be over but life goes on...

Sinners in spiky hats

Semana Santa has taken over Sevilla, and it's trumpets and nazarenos galore

A Mesquita and a mosquito

Getting lost - badly lost - and a school trip to Cordoba...and some Spanish

Just the weather for a solar eclipse

The rain in Spain is definitely falling on Sevilla

A Roman market and St Patrick’s Day in Sevilla

A weekend in the sun comes as a welcome change to conjugating verbs

The Spanish sorting hat of doom

The Spanish adventures continue atop the Sevilla cathedral

Spanish street-style meets the classroom

The grand debut - former Olive Press reporter hits Sevilla to take on the challenge of learning Spanish in six weeks...or at least (hopefully) vastly improving

Close encounters of the BSM kind

A series of weird and wonderful events herald the new school year

Less is more when it comes to class sizes

Writes Emma-Maria Robertson, Director of Mayfair International Academy





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