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Malaga’s Treasure Cave breaks visitor records in first half of 2023

THE Cueva del Tesoro, located in Rincón de la Victoria, has experienced a notable boom in visitor numbers during the first half of 2023. According...

Badger unearths ‘exceptional’ Roman treasure trove in cave in northern Spain

AN exceptional treasure trove of Roman coins buried for centuries in a cave in northern Spain has been unearthed thanks to a hungry badger. The...

TREASURE HUNT: How foreigners helped Spain curate its top 10 most priceless artefacts

Spain’s most priceless artefacts give new meaning to the modern term booty call, writes Pablo Balbontin

British aristocrat ‘entirely unaware’ he had 7th century Spanish ornaments rotting away in back garden

The limestone sculptures, engraved with Catholic saints, were stolen from a medieval church in Burgos in 2004

Spanish sunken treasure ship will cost more than €50 million to recover

A TREASURE ship that both Spain and Colombia claim ownership of would cost €57.2 million to recover, a new report has revealed. The San Jose...

FINDING El DORADO: Sunken Spanish treasures waiting to be found off the coast

Divers from the Guardia Civil’s underwater team also found a pottery jar from 3BC, potentially worth millions, commenting: ‘It is very likely that there are still some gems out there just waiting to be discovered.’  

Rare Spanish treasure found among child’s ‘toy’ set by British owner

Worth up to €300,000, the rare Queen Anne Vigo five guinea piece was given to an anonymous owner by his grandfather

Spain and Colombia battle over sunken galleon treasure

The San Jose was returning to Spain when it was sunk by British pirates off the Colombian coast

Spanish ship containing billions in sunken treasure located near Colombia

The 300-year-old San Jose is believed to contain 11 million gold coins and jewels worth billions

The legal battle that restored Spain’s claim to the biggest ever underwater bounty

Jack Gaioni explores modern-day treasure hunters, are they pirates or archaeologists?

Spanish treasure trove worth hundreds of millions finally on display

Victory for Spain after a five-year legal battle with the United States

Potentially priceless artwork unearthed at local market

Casares art expert claims to have found sculpture by artist Alexander Calder

British widow sells 310-year-old coin from Spanish ship for over €300,000

The five guinea coin was made in 1702 from gold stolen from a treasure ship

Spain reclaims lost treasure

Disputed Odyssey treasure returned to Spain from Gibraltar

Spanish demands for Gib treasure trove

A small chunk of the 375-million-euro Odyssey haul has somehow got left on the Rock - and Spain wants it back

Spanish treasure hoard finally coming home

A US court rejected the suggestion that Spain should pay 300,000 euros for storing the huge haul of gold

Do you fancy an adventure, sir? Find somewhere new near you!

Golly chaps, it’s Geocaching time with the Famous Five. The world is reliving their childhood with a mischievous treasure hunt that is guided by a virtual network of clues. Warning: childish behaviour is inevitable!

Ongoing treasure battle between US and Spain back in court

Treasure hunting company Odyssey refuses to recognize Spain as the owner of a massive treasure bounty recovered from the ‘Black Swan’

Odyssey´s Spanish treasure battle continues thanks to Wikileaks

WikiLeaks documents helped by revealing secret agreement between Spain and the U.S.

Spain and USA swap treasures

Spain received unofficial help from the American government in its legal battle for the sunken Black Swan treasure, Wikileaks reveals

Treasure hunt

Spanish navy is searching for shipwrecks in a bid to protect the country’s historical heritage from private salvagers




Spain wants to BAN smoking on restaurant terraces and crackdown on vaping

LONG-TERM plans to restrict smoking in public places are being dusted down once again from the Ministry of Health's shelves. Some of Spain's regions got...


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