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The Priors spent their life’s nest egg building their dream home - Tranquility - before it was bulldozed in a cruel error after a swish of a civil servant’s pen, writes their friend Lenox Napier

Yet another case of poor management from the town hall’s planning department

The Olive Press round up of the highlights and low points of another year in southern Spain

Eight years and 200 issues ago the very first Olive Press hit the streets

Publisher Jon Clarke on the beginnings of the Olive Press as a local Ronda newspaper and its evolution to a newspaper covering the whole of Andalucia

The Olive Press counts on eight trained journalists - a number former Fleet Street hands - and does not simply translate stories, kow tow to town halls and offer long boring features on flowers

The best investigative and campaigning English language paper in Spain hits its seventh anniversary

In her first interview Charmaine Arbouin tells Olive Press editor Jon Clarke, about her fondness for the region and how she wants to best serve its expats

Critics slam government plan to convert valuable hunting estate - one of Spain's largest - inside the Alcornocales Natural Park, near Cadiz

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: we look back on the best stories of 2012

Ex-Ronda mayor ‘erased documents’ on the holy day to cover fraud

Over 1000 documents released on alleged corruption in Ronda

The Arab Spring, the death of Osama and new governments for Spain and Gibraltar. 2011 has been an eventful year, writes Wendy Williams

Ronda corruption probe could look into 62 different cases

Antonio Marin Lara given 15 days to pay 150,000

Ecologistas en Accion has highlighted a long list of urban projects that have been ‘plagued by irregularities’

EXCLUSIVE: Antonio Marin Lara is one of seven politicians and businessmen arrested so far as year-long corruption investigation comes to a head

After three months of opinion and debate, the Olive Press presents the results of the Expat 100 poll (11-20)

Ex-mayor faces prosecution over 30m euro shortfall

Ronda is now one of the main outward bound hubs in Andalucia, writes Doug Wills

Company that tried to build a hotel on natural park land now faces 2.4 million euro fine

To help launch our new site, President of Greenpeace Spain, Juan Lopez de Uralde tells the Olive Press about his favourite natural escapes

Ronda mayor used employment funds to demolish 'protected' building

EXCLUSIVE: Two years ago the Olive Press revealed how developers had transplanted thousands of ancient oaks to make way for a golf course. Today it is clear what they only good for, by Jon Clarke and Andrew Pearce

He orders demolition of 17 buildings he may have passed

Traders and hoteliers are up in arms after Andalucia’s oldest agricultural fair has been cancelled




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