Was that divine insulation?

LAST UPDATED: 1 Nov, 2010 @ 10:53
Was that divine insulation?

A PRIEST has been charged with stealing his own stain-glass windows.

The holy man – who preached at the San Pedro parish in Antequera – is accused of trying to raise money with their sale.

Former town mayor, Jesus Romero – currently director of the Municipal Heritage Centre – has also been charged with the sacred scam.

On a routine inspection, Guardia Civil officers allegedly stumbled over two of the church’s windows up for sale at a local arts and antiques store.

“They don’t have any historical or cultural value, that’s why we decided to change them.”

The windows were reportedly catalogued as objects of regional cultural interest (BIC).

Another two men have been charged with the impious act.

However, embattled Romero insisted: “The windows were broken, with water and dust pouring through.

“I told him (the priest) that they were simple windows from the 1950s made from just glass and tin.

“They don’t have any historical or cultural value, that’s why we decided to change them.”

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church has also come out in support of the under-fire priest.

“The windows were worthless and they certainly haven’t been recognised as pieces of cultural interest,” claimed Tomás de la Torre Lendínez, writer for Catholic website infoCatolica.

“The changes were made with the full support of the local authority.

“The priest is certainly not a criminal and we give our full support to him.”


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