By Eloise Horsfield

“IT was sometimes downright scary,” reveals British hotelier Amanda Filmer describing her experiences during filming of Channel 4’s Four in a Bed programme last month.

Amanda and husband Jed welcomed three sets of fellow B&B owners to their hotel La Tartana hotel, in La Herradura.

They then, in turn, paid a visit to their guests’ hotels in Antequera, Benidorm and Murcia over a week.

Contestants had to provide an evening meal, a bed for the night – and of course, breakfast – with their guests paying what they considered a suitable price for their experience.

“There are plenty of revelations,” reveals Amanda, originally from Hertfordshire.  “But I am not allowed to divulge too much or I’ll be in trouble”.

However the hotelier, who has been running La Tartana for 16 months, adds tantalisingly: “You can probably make your own minds up about the Benidorm one!

“As for the other contestants, MOST of them we got on well with.

“Although I have to say I will never be able to watch reality TV again – now that I know what the contestants are going through!”

The programme starts on Channel 4 from Monday April 2.


  1. well done, your place was gorgeous .I felt exactly as you did , staying in a bland depressing prison cell summed it up . Budget does not have to be dirty.I am sure that itchy blanket you had hadn’t been dry cleaned …yuk.