Shark ‘finning’ finally outlawed in Spain

LAST UPDATED: 12 Jan, 2015 @ 06:55
Shark ‘finning’ finally outlawed in Spain

THE EU has finally put a proper end to slicing off sharks’ fins and discarding their bodies live – despite opposition from Spain.

While the practice was banned in 2003, many fishermen were legally allowed to continue doing it by applying for ‘special fishing permits’.

MEPs have now voted overwhelmingly 566-7 in favour of closing the loophole, much to the relief of animal rights’ campaigners.

Until now Spain has been one of Europe’s biggest exporters of shark fins, with most going to Hong Kong and China to make gourmet soup.

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  1. Hey Spanish people, I welcome you for this decision. Spain had been the best European country for – and after this it continued to be …….