VIDEO: David Cameron talks to the people of Gibraltar

LAST UPDATED: 10 Sep, 2013 @ 20:14
VIDEO: David Cameron talks to the people of Gibraltar

DAVID Cameron released a special video message to mark Gibraltar’s annual National Day.

In his video, the Prime Minister said: “Britain and Gibraltar have a long and proud history. For 300 years we have stood together, as one, with our shared sovereign.

“The people of Gibraltar have faced the pressures of recent months with enormous dignity.

“The British people and my Government stand with you. Our relationship is solid, sure and enduring. The British Government wholeheartedly supports your right to determine your future.

“We will never agree to any transfer of sovereignty – or even start a negotiation of sovereignty – without your consent. I wouldn’t want us ever to go down that route.

“Gibraltar has been British for 300 years…let’s keep it that way.”

Mr Cameron urged Gibraltarians to enjoy a “happy Gibraltar National Day”. He went on: “As we celebrate, let us remember Spain is our neighbour and thousands of Spanish people work in Gibraltar.

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