Matters of the harp

LAST UPDATED: 20 Aug, 2014 @ 14:08
Matters of the harp

THE Prince of Wales’ official harpist has cut strings with her husband to holiday in a mystery Spanish location with Britain’s biggest opera star.

Hannah Stone, 27, had been married to Welsh singer Gary Griffiths for two years before opera hotshot Bryn Terfel serenaded his way into her heart.

Stone has not yet let on as to what point in her marriage the affair started, but fans date it back to a British TV Christmas special last year, hosted by Terfel, on which Stone performed.

Terfel, who is 20 years her senior, divorced his wife in 2012.

Stone’s friends say she is ‘very happy,’ but it has got to be awkward for Griffiths, whose golden voice previously earned him the label ‘the next Bryn Terfel.’

That title is up for debate, though, as Terfel laps up Griffiths’ sloppy seconds…


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