Border queues up to an hour for those walking across Spain-Gibraltar border

New e-gates cause delays for pedestrians who normally pass through without any waiting time

LAST UPDATED: 27 Jul, 2015 @ 14:58

QUEUE length reached over an hour this morning as pedestrians attempted to cross from Spain into Gibraltar.

Queues reached up to an hour
Queues reached up to an hour

New electronic gates were introduced on the Spanish border, where travellers must scan passports or ID cards, fingerprints, and face recognition technology.

After opening on Thursday, 20-40 minute long queues were reported, and despite complaints they remain operational during peak hours.

The Deputy Chief minister Dr. Joseph Garcia commented that these delays primarily affect people who work in Gibraltar and commute in every day from Spain.


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  1. I am a bit confused here, a bit like the border controls! Shouldn’t these e gates be on the border entrance to the UK checks. Why the Spanish side?
    Whatever, it a great pity that the Spanish border controls are making life so difficult for the people who work in Gibraltar and earn a living to support themselves and family. I totally agree with Marion on this.