Luis Barcenas scandal subject of new film out this month

PP court case to hit big screen

LAST UPDATED: 3 Sep, 2015 @ 12:44

A NEW Spanish film based on an infamous PP tax fraud and bribery case will be released on September 18.

B stars Pedro Casablanc as disgraced ex-treasurer Luis Barcenas and focuses on the politician’s trial. Luis Barcenas

The film, named after one of the accounts used in the affair, also features Manolo Solo as judge Pablo Ruz.

Director David Ilundain’s film was financed by a crowdfunding initiative and borrows heavily from actual court transcripts.

It is based on a play, Ruz-Barcenas which dramatised the pair’s courtroom duel.

Barcenas is currently awaiting a separate trial on charges along with another ex-treasurer, Alvaro Lapuerta.

The PP were acquitted of all tax crimes in a case which rocked the Spanish political establishment.

They had been accused of keeping an unofficial account for illegal financing purposes and using €888,000 in undeclared funds to pay for reform work at its Madrid headquarters.


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