Operation Whiteshark drug bust bags Campo de Gibraltar hash gang

LAST UPDATED: 16 Nov, 2015 @ 08:49

Drug-bustA MAJOR drug smuggling ring has been rumbled in a Guardia Civil bust codenamed ‘Whiteshark’.

The leader of the group, an Algeciras resident, and 14 others were arrested on suspicion of smuggling hash from Morocco to the Campo de Gibraltar.

Police have recovered 2,400kg of hash, 23 high-speed boats, four motor boats and two yachts worth more than €1.8 million.

The gang are believed to have stashed the drugs at landing points along the Cadiz coast.

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  1. Meanwhile, no major busts of heroin in Spain or elsewhere in Europe, reason – A4 sized brown envelopes full of folding stuff going to – well you know who – as always.