Two ‘absolutely hammered’ British stag do groups held by Spanish police after flying wine bottle hits 10-year-old on head during flight to southern Spain

Two separate parties went wild on the three-hour flight morning flight

LAST UPDATED: 7 Oct, 2016 @ 21:54

ryanairMEMBERS from two stag do groups have been held in Spain after getting ‘absolutely hammered’ on a flight from Edinburgh to Alicante.

Families are said to have cowered in their seats as the two separate parties went wild on the three-hour morning flight.

A mother, who was travelling with two children, said a 10-year-old was struck on the head by a flying wine bottle and that fights broke out between the two groups of revellers.

She also claimed many of them were ‘absolutely hammered’ before the Ryanair flight took off at 11.15am.

Spanish cops were waiting for the groups at Alicante, but some of them swapped clothes in a bid to confuse airline staff.

A Ryanair spokesman confirmed that four passengers were removed and detained.

He added: “We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behaviour and the safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority.”

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  1. Descend to below air compression height, open the door and eject garbage, all bio-degradeable and good fish food, problem solved.

  2. Excellent suggestion Stuart but sadly the civil rights people would immediately start jumping up & down. As usual, we have to accept that Yobs have civil rights too although I really don’t understand why when they clearly abuse other peoples. Meanwhile I trust the police will detain them until their scheduled departure date/time & that Ryanair will ban them for ever (& other carriers are informed so they may do the same)

  3. Dave Doors: On the basis that it would seem that English is not your 1st language I will correct your grammar for you. I think you meant to say: “They were from Scotland….a very pro EU area……now go wipe your face Jen it’s covered in egg.” I hope that helps. Keep trying and I am sure you will improve given time and effort.

  4. Oh Jen… I missed the word From….you in your haste to slag off the UKIP totally missed the point they were Scots, the most pro EU of us Brits.