First specialist centres to be announced for sufferers of rare skin condition in Madrid

The first reference centres to help children suffering from butterfly skin will be announced during a special event at La Paz Hospital, Madrid.

LAST UPDATED: 20 Oct, 2017 @ 14:13

ON October 25 International Butterly Skin Day will announce the first specialist centres to help children with butterfly skin at La Paz Children’s Hospital, Madrid.

DEBRA-BUTTERFLY CHILDREN CHARITY in collaboration with La Paz Hospital and Sant Joan de Déu Hospital will present the two reference centres in a presentation aimed at raising awareness about the unknown disease.

Medical experts will be on hand from the Ministry of Health and other charitable foundations to speak at the presentation.

These centres hope to contain groups of pathologies providing multidisciplinary care including therapy, diagnostic support and follow-up treatments.

The disease has been characterised by extremely fragile skin which causes blisters and wounds that can take months to heal.

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