Wednesday, 13 December, 2017


As I blog less than once a week does that make me verbally constipated?

The wise stick near to the pool or fridge at this time of year

The process, and costs, of going from having a piece of land to the plans for your new home

SUMMERTIME and the livin’ ain’t easy, to misquote Ella Fitzgerald. It’s that point in the year when we jaded residents mutter the expletive, ‘tourists!' and...

The land way down under is another world

Now Andalucia's new holiday rental rules are in force, other regions of Spain suggest it pays to register now rather than risk a fine

New Year fitness fads are for ‘losers’ and I don’t mean weight …

For the next four years we sailed the tempestuous seas of adolescence together and grew from awkward, quirky, young school girls into young women, although perhaps not quite the ‘lovely young ladies’ my mother had envisioned

Eddie the hotel dog’s ode to a mixed paella

I will have to admit that with a CV like mine, Godfather does seem an unlikely role for me but I can only assume that Ozzy Osbourne was busy biting the heads of bats that day, and so at some point in the early 90s the parents chose me

You may see the odd photo of me living it up with celebs and beautiful women but my real life is much more of a grind

What non-UK-resident property owners need to know

There are common misconceptions about when a tutor is needed

Belinda Beckett, aka Mistress of Sizzle, mingles with the literati in Gibraltar

How to select the right lawyers, gestors and facilitators

The Popular Party has acknowledged that it may lose seats to the up-and-rising conservative group Ciudadanos

Owners are required to contract a registered technician to produce a report

Columnist Mark Rickard, of HiFX, needs solace after the World Cup

How to choose the right glasses to look your best, writes Amrik Sappal, Store Director, Specsavers Opticas Fuengirola

In a volatile market there are ups and downs, hence the need for careful financial planning, says Richard Alexander

Columnist Antonio Flores' advice on renting foreclosed properties

Rumour and abandoned proposals can also have an effect upon the value of a property

A series of weird and wonderful events herald the new school year

I began the year with the best of intentions but by February enthusiasm on all fronts was waning




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