Tuesday, 28 February, 2017


Launched in 2006, the Olive Press is Andalucia’s only campaigning newspaper. Here we look back at some highlights from the first ten years...

His lies seem to know no bounds

Andalucia’s only investigative newspaper - the Olive Press - looks back over some of its highlights of the first ten years

Since we launched the Olive Press website we've published more than 16,000 news items that have attracted almost 47,000 comments? Find out what have been the top stories...

There are over 250 of them so it's hard to choose but here are some of our best covers

Since our initial investigation two years ago, dozens of former employees and rattled animal activists have contacted us

We look forward to growing in strength over the next decade, with you alongside us

Rajoy begins his second term in a completely different political landscape

Will it ever end?

It seems elected officials have forgotten who they are hired to serve... us!

It's hard to ignore when many members of ex-staff and printers queue up with stories of non-payment

It is a stain on the coast and has the potential to turn away tourists

It is unbelievable that someone could be so cruel

Thousands of African women are trafficked for sexual exploitation in western Europe

Reforms are urgently needed to speed things along

It is time Alhaurin Town Hall took responsibility

The sooner Jackson is quizzed over Lisa Brown the better

Optimistic for the property market

We need YOUR help, por favor

Has a fortnight ever shaken a country’s political foundations so profoundly?

Morally Millard should have told his employers the truth

Britain deserves better than Farage and Gove's vision of our future

This month’s eye-opening WHO report into global air standards should be heeded urgently by the authorities

The Olive Press feels vindicated, after warning our readers of this twice-struck-off professional lurking in our midst

Grief-stricken and anguished, making ends meet should be the least of their worries

While it is excellent news that justice is finally - apparently - being done, for the families of Lisa Brown, Agnese Klavina and Amy Fitzpatrick, the desperate search for answers goes on


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