Thursday, 19 October, 2017

La Cultura

More than 14,000 people took part in the survey

Your guide to what's happening around Andalucia this fortnight

Salon Varietes is on the hunt for next big star

With thousands more art lovers coming through the door, the museum’s 2016 budget has been raised
balearic islands

Holiday-makers in Ibiza will face an extra 'eco-tax'

Pedro Almodovar’s flick Julieta and Catalan actress Laia Costa have both been nominated for a gong at the glitzy British ceremony

The festival on June 27 celebrates its tenth anniversary

The sexually transmitted disease has been fingered by numerous art historians as one of the most likely causes of the succession of tortuous illnesses suffered by one of Spain’s most revered painters, including his total loss of hearing

The winner received €500 and free glasses

Co-founder of Sur in English has passed away in Benalmadena

The Spanish prime minister expressed his condolences for the world-renowned creative's death on Sunday

The municipal library achieved record summer figures

Sam Goodwin meets the Rev Richard John, a sexagenarian London busker-turned-blues artist who has found his ‘sweet home Andalucia’ in a Granada cave

Not so Blessed, the actor effectively threw away €70 million

Fuentes Vaqueros receives award for Lorca's selection to list of seven top Spaniards

Budding artist David Guerrero disappeared from his Malaga home at the age of 14, almost three decades ago

The world famous Semana Santa in Andalucia's beautiful capital city, Tom Powell attempts to describe the indescribable

He went from house parties and skiing trips with Princess Margaret to smuggling cannabis, and rubbing shoulders with seasoned criminals

British films ‘Rise of the Krays,’ ‘North VS South’ and ‘Arthur & Merlin’ will premiere during the festival

The camps run for three weeks from July 17 to August 14

Funding for bull runs and bullfighting schools have also been cut

The exhibiting artists have all worked with the themes of suffocation, isolation and resistance

A weekend of art and crafts will be held in a quirky village setting

Maria Ortega Amusco's new study follows Tito Vallejo's groundbreaking work


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