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Disused bullring on Costa del Sol set to play host to bullfight this summer

ESTEPONA bullring, which has been disused since August 2016, is set to be back in business this summer. The structure, dating back from 1972, is...

Andalucia nuns pay €100,000 fine to Junta for ‘illegal’ organ restoration

THE Junta culture ministry has fined Sevilla nuns €102,000 for restorating a 17th century organ without permission.  It comes after the Santa Ines convent in...

Andalucia fire bosses allegedly embezzled at least €7 million in public funds to ‘line pockets’ and ‘pay for private...

SOME 14 fire bosses have been arrested for allegedly embezzling public funds. The Policia Nacional found that the Consortium of Bomberos Cadiz took out mass...

Serious injuries after Malaga train derails

A TRAIN has derailed after leaving Malaga this morning. The train, carrying around 70 passangers, derailed in Arahal, in Sevilla, injuring at least 21.   At least...

HOLY MOLY: Junta de Andalucia fines nuns €170,000 for restoring 17th century organ without permission

A GROUP of nuns have been fined €170,000 by the Junta for beginning upgrades on a 17th century organ without permission. The culture ministry has...

Teenage boy arrested on suspicion of butchering his father to death in Cadiz, boy claims he found him murdered

A TEENAGER has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his father to death in Cadiz. Policia Nacional arrested the 18-year-old a day after he handed himself...

A closer look at ‘looky looky’ men

The Olive Press discovers more about the illegal street vendors selling their wares along the Andalucian coastline

Insurance heartache in Spain

EXCLUSIVE: Expat battles insurer for two years to force it to pay for his heart treatment

Please help find my Spanish auntie this Christmas

US woman desperately wants to meet her long-lost Spanish aunt and six cousins

New government for Gibraltar

GSLP Liberal Alliance take control ending 15-year reign of GSD

Debauched Malaga professor to spend a year in prison

The teacher told his pupil she would only pass if she had sex with him

Priest makes soup out of church vermin

The Granada priest insists he has been capturing the pigeons by hand

Spanish bullfighter down, but not out

Blinded in one eye and with a crushed cheekbone... but Juan Jose Padilla vows to fight on

Spain not cool? Who are you trying to kid?

As British youth turns its back on Spain, the Olive Press gives the tourist board some suggestions on how to win them back again...

Gun probe Brit arrest

Firearms and top-end cars among cache seized by police

Brutal attack on British pensioner in Spain

EXCLUSIVE: Two court cases find neighbour guilty of assault and death threats, yet he is still living next door

In Boca: Brasserie Banus

The Olive Press sent former Egon Ronay inspector and local restaurateur Garry Waite to run a rule over the most exciting new opening of 2011

Mijas poop scoop patrol gets wind in sails

Plainclothes police in Mijas caught 10 dog owners not clearing up after their pets in just two days

Andalucia – the only place to ski in Europe this weekend!

Heavy snow has fallen in the Sierra Nevada today so dust off those skis, folks

Smoked out in Marbella

EXCLUSIVE: Family wakes up to fumes - but no alarm - in brand new Marbella hotel

In Boca: La Casita

Dress up and enjoy a candlelight meal cooked by fabulous chef Lawrence Otternburn

In Boca: Al Lago

Al Lago could be one of Andalucia's greatest escapes

How to handle Spain’s Hacienda

In a bid to raise much needed funds the Inland Revenue is making new demands on foreign property owners, writes Antonio Flores

Bright lights of Malaga

It's worth a visit to Malaga to see the Christmas lights

Century on in Cordoba

The 10th century Muslim-fortified city was discovered by Ricardo Velazquez Bosco in November 1911

Casa del Rey Moro safe at last

The 18th-century listed building will now be restored


WINTER IS COMING: So you better wrap up or face the cold

It even snowed on the beach in Barcelona and I’m surprised that Carles Puigdemont didn’t blame that as some sort of underhand tactic by Madrid, ‘freezing out’ an independent Catalunya.
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