Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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Spain’s SpaceX satellite launch in California delayed by four days

It is hoped the Starlink satellites will provide low-cost broadband on a global scale by a constellation of small satellites with limited service starting by 2020.

Spanish space firm receives €2 million from European Commission

PLD Space anticipates a first launch of Arion 1 in 2019, followed by the Arion 2 rocket in 2021 but both missions have been delayed by a year.

Max Polyakov’s Firefly Aerospace and Other Space News of 2017

Last year in August, when the spaceship SpaceX Dragon carrying cargo landed on the International Space Station, it was easy to assume that space...

Spanish tech firm to send tourists into space within two years

The journey will take passengers 40km into the air inside futuristic pods

Spanish tax authorities cracking down on fraud in nightclubs

The raids have included more than 500 tax inspectors and law enforcement officers

Search for new planets being led by Spanish observatory

Joint Spanish and German bid to explore space being led from Almeria observatory

Third space ball sparks terror after crashing into Spanish village

Murcia villagers terrified as another sinister object lands

Black ball plummets from space to Spain and lands in farmers’ field

Inspectors believe object fell from a satellite or rocket

Spanish aeronautical company sends balloon to space

Aeronautical company zero2infinity have developed a balloon that transports satellites into space

International Space Station goes green!

A laser shone from Tenerife turns the ISS a spooky shade of green

Ibiza: Party Island Central

From Hollywood’s favourite holiday retreat, through eighties excess and nineties rave culture, Ibiza has seen it all, writes Carey Camel

Humans are ‘too stupid’ to meet aliens

According to professor at University of Cadiz

Spanish music goes stratospheric

Stormy Mondays have gone up in the world getting their music played in space

Houston, we have an extremely large problem

Spanish officials threaten to pull funding for record telescope after Chile snub


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